Thess vs the World






just saw this movie, the entire theater went reverently silent when this happened, only broken by a low whistle, a giggle, and someone quietly whispering “oh my god”

in the the theater i was in, someone whispered loudly ‘is that necessary’ and someone across the theater half shouted ‘YES’ and everyone giggled

bless whoever deemed this like 10 second scene necessary to put into the movie


that tag

"Is that necessary?" "No more or less so than the lovingly lingering T&A shots of female characters that proliferate, now SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME OGLE THIS AIN’T JUST FOR YOU". I’m going to this movie just for this scene and I’m ace, just to show that female gaze is important too.

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Thess vs Narrative Issues

Still home with wretched migraine, waiting on doctors to sort themselves out and get me a neurology referral. This is an utter pain in the backside, but I persevere. Mostly it is watching vids … or, y’know, listening to vids because I much prefer to have my head under a blanket. But after having gone through Game of Thrones S3 for about the fifth time, there is an issue that’s been bugging me since it happened in the book. Under a cut just on the off chance that anyone who cares hasn’t seen/read it yet.

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Thess vs A&E

For Americans, they are thinking the Arts and Entertainment channel. What I mean is the Accident and Emergency department at my local hospital. After a week of headache and a total inability to get to my GP, I went to the NHS symptom checker to see what it had to say about what I should do. I got “Go to A&E right now you silly bint”, basically. So finally, I did.

Yeah, they dunno what’s wrong either. Neurologically speaking, I’m fine. Just the nausea, eye pain and watering, dizziness, disorientation, vertigo, occasional aphasia, and of course, the headache that not even codeine will actually touch, oddly localised. So they’re poking my GP some and informing them to get me a neurology referral ASAP because there’s only so much A&E doctors can do. Fair enough. So in the meantime, I’m off work for another week because given that I couldn’t even sit in a waiting room without wanting to die, I can’t imagine fluorescents and computer screens doing me a hell of a lot of good. One or the other? Maybe, for brief periods. Not both.

Of course, I also can’t do ‘outside’ very well either, which is not going to make GP visits or the eventual neurologist appointment any more fun. This week is gonna be even less fun than last week, I can just tell. *headdesk*

So if I’m quiet, that’s why - what is hopefully just the migraine to end all migraines rather than something really sinister.

Nov 7

Thess vs Sick Notes

So I’ve been floored with a migraine for the last few days. I mean, one of the really bad ones. Had to go home early Tuesday, have been having problems getting out of bed yesterday and today. Team Lead says I need to have a sick note from my GP when I come back, because it’s been three days.

Problem: UK law actually states that you have to have been out something like 5-7 days before they will provide a sick note without charging for one. So to all intents and purposes, if I’m better tomorrow, I have to get up obscenely early, try to get to the GP, and pay for a sick note.

This is not giving me incentive to get better.

Frankly, I don’t think the migraine will be gone by tomorrow anyway - it’s one of those really miserable ones. So what’ll probably happen instead is that I will stay home tomorrow, see what happens over the weekend, and by the time Monday rolls around I may not have to pay to have sick note written. Because I honestly don’t see why I should have to shell out cash just because my bloody office doesn’t seem to have a handle on UK law when it comes to being signed off sick.

Nov 4

Thess vs More Unfinished Video Games

I took advantage of the Steam Halloween sale. I liked the Steam Halloween sale. It provided me with games I should have played, like, forever ago for the tiny amount of credit I had in my Steam wallet. So now I own yet MORE video games that I need to get around to playing at some stage. For my own personal reference, The List - the video games I own, what stage of play they’re in and where they stand on my scale of “MUST FINISH”

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The old standby, at the moment. So far I have two characters at level cap, one of whom is a regular on guild Ops runs - both Pub-side. I pootle around one character from each other class, but the highest I’ve levelled any of them is 28. But sometimes I just really need to get on the old Imp Agent and snipe the shit out of things.
  • The Secret World: …That puzzle in the Mining Museum basement is KILLING THE SHIT OUT OF ME.
  • World of Warcraft: Thinking of dropping my sub.
  • Alan Wake: Need to actually start that at some point, but not my priority by a long, long way.
  • Dishonored: Need to at least get the poor sap out of jail.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: Just started this one and it’s all about the walkthroughs. And the console cheats. Still, for a game that old, it’s pretty good.
  • Silent Hill Homecoming: Will start that one when I have a bit more practice at that kind of interface.
  • Skyrim: Is there any way of making this game more about smacking the shit out of things and less about trundling around looking at scenery porn? I spend way too much time walking.
  • Portal: There is this one level I cannot get past no matter WHAT I do. More or less given up.
  • Jade Empire: I’m going to have to start the story of Smiling Fox Ming Yue from the beginning, it’s been so long…
  • Bioshock; Fallout 3: I haven’t even installed these yet.

This is leaving aside finishing my Astrid!Hawke playthrough of DA2, finishing my Citadel playthroughs for Jessie!Shep and Astrid!Shep etc. And yet with all this I still wanna buy Star Citizen, Guild Wars 2 and a host of others. Because apparently don’t have enough video games to ignore in favour of my friend Ihl tossing invites to go kill the giant chicken-llama at me in TOR.

Nov 4

seacilin said: What a JACKASS. Poor you! *hugs* Want me to bring you a coffee after work one night this week?

Appreciate it, hon, but I get out of work at 9pm at the earliest. Coffee best to be saved for weekends, preferably after payday. The thought means a lot, though. :)

Nov 4

Thess vs Passive-Aggression

We’ve been having a really busy time of it lately and we got a lot of work over the weekend, apparently. Thing is, not only did I have plans over the weekend, but I also desperately needed sleep. So when the office manager texted us all to ask if any of us were interested in doing a 9am-6pm shift over the weekend, I ignored it. But then on Friday night, team leader spoke up.

Team Lead: So, [Thess], interested in doing any overtime this weekend?

Me: Sorry; can’t.

Team Lead: (all stern) ‘Can’t’, or ‘won’t’?

Me: …….’Can’t’.

Team Lead: (scornful) ‘Won’t.’

So I got everything I needed to get done this weekend done, but stressed in the process because of scornful team lead and now I am trying to work through one of those headaches that makes sitting in a room as brightly-lit as our office very difficult and gives the general sensation of being about to throw up. So far the search for a new job is not going overly well but I keep trying because the smarmy, passive-aggressive little shit that serves as our team lead is driving me up the fucking WALL.

Thess vs False Economy

The main thing that’s been really problematic at my job is having no idea what the workload is going to be, and my team leads basically piling on as much work as possible with no concept that we’re not machines and that we have physical and emotional limits. Our clients - old and new - just keep sending us more work … which is great for the company, but again, infrastructure. Team leads convince the radiologists to stay and generate reports, but they never think about calling in extra typists to actually type the reports. Because it’s expected that we’re going to be able to bust our asses - or, in my case, my hands - dealing with whatever workload is thrown at us. I swear if my hands still hurt like this tomorrow I’m calling in sick.

The other problem is that with the amount of work they’re getting, the radiologists are getting sloppy. Some of them have stopped dictating the clinical histories, obliging us to type them out from scratch no matter how sloppily the requesting physician wrote it out on the scan we get, while others only dictate half of it and leave out clinically relevant information … which again means the typists have to stop and read through the clinical details to make sure everything relevant is on it. Still others have given up on dictating a decent conclusion summary, leaving it at “See above”. Which, incidentally, is a HUGE no-no. They also talk too fast. Most voice recognition software’s not that great anyway, but ours is particularly cheap crap and everyone knows it, so muttering a millimetre from the microphone at speeds that would shame an auctioneer? The voice recognition software translates it into the most gods-awful mess imaginable. At which point we have to listen to it two or three times because even with a wealth of experience in medical secretarial and particularly diagnostic imaging (and I’m the only typist we’ve got who has that level of experience) they sound like they’re speaking Esperanto.

Long story short - it has been another singularly sucky day but at least it has died down from earlier, where I was the only typist trying to juggle the work of five radiologists and got yelled at for focusing on the radiologist my team lead told me to focus on because one of the other radiologists decided he wanted to go home early. These are the days when I wish chocolate didn’t give me crippling migraines.




Okay, I realize this hilariously late for Asexuality Awareness Week (which was last week), but due to unforeseen stressors, it didn’t really get done in time.

Anyway! I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, and I’m proud of myself of actually getting a six page comic done within a week. (Not that it’s really anything super fancy, but it’s better than nothing lol) I do apologize for the massive ugly text wall that is page four but I had a hard time figuring out how to convey it visually while being kind of pressed for time. oh and the occasional copy/paste, I’m sorry for that too

Enjoy! Click on the separate pictures if the text is hard to read.

I kinda had to put this out here. Because yes. All yes.

Thess vs Lost Girl

I have, finally, been able to get around to watching this, at least the first half-dozen episodes of S1. And while I really do love this show - I love the dialogue, I am interested in the premise and while the Fae lore in it is kind of haphazard, it’s an interesting take at least - I do have … one thing to say.

…Succubus? REALLY?

I am a little bit leery of watching a programme whose entire premise centres around a female main character whose powers are entirely based around sex. I’m sorry, but I am. Why can’t the woman be the one who turns into something badass for a change? Or why not a siren? The siren thing is awesome in that! And if you’re gonna do the Love Powers thing, and you’re doing Fae? Could you at least use the gean canach? Or is that a no-no because the gean canach were traditionally male? We can’t have a male seducing everything that moves because, what, people’d get offended?

Maybe it’s just a ‘last straw’ kind of thing, but could we please stop fetishising? Because this show does a lot of that - female sexuality and bisexuality, in the main. But if it was a male character who was equal opportunity, you can bet there’d be freak-outs from the vocal minority.

I want to love this show more than I actually love this show. I would love this show a lot more if I didn’t think that the premise was problematic as shit.


So, apparently some folks are pretty mad that people are boycotting the Ender’s Game movie, saying that it’s screwing over all the people who worked on it and ignoring the fact that Lionsgate is doing its best to counteract Orson Scott Card’s donations to hate groups

Of course, that completely ignores a few things:

That’s not how movies are made. The film’s entire production has already been paid for. That’s the role of a producer. The producers pay millions of dollars to have a movie made. The reason they charge admission for movies is not to pay the employees.

Once the movie’s done being made, everyone who worked on the film has already been paid. Their salaries are included in the film’s budget, and the film’s budget is supplied up front by the producers and investors.

Now, if a movie makes back its budget, it breaks even and the producers have neither lost nor gained any money on the project. If a movie makes more than its budget, it has cut a profit, and the producers end up with more money than they started with.

If a movie makes back less than its budget, that means the producers end up with less money than they started with, or to simplify, they lost money on the movie. 

And that’s where the boycott comes in: The people who are hurt by a boycott on Ender’s Game are:

  1. Orson Scott Card
  2. People who gave Orson Scott Card their money so he could try to turn it into more money

It also totally ignores the fact that Orson Scott Card wouldn’t have movie profits to donate to hate groups if he didn’t have a movie, meaning Lionsgate wouldn’t have jack shit to counteract if they hadn’t produced his movie in the first place.

So basically, I’m happy to choose not to spend my money on a ticket or copy of Ender’s Game, knowing that Orson Scott Card will get back less of the money he’s already given to the cast and crew of the film, and that spending that money on cast and crew salaries means he can’t donate it to hate groups.

Thess vs Lack of Infrastructure

Okay, so now that I have more than a minute, lemme ‘splain you a thing. Basically the nightmare my job’s become.

We’re a pretty small company, which only started being an entity in its own right a couple of years ago - not quite a year before I started working here, in fact. Because of The Economy Onoes and the usual capitalist drive for money, management’s main focus is on getting more clients. Lots of clients. ALL the clients.

The problem is, they haven’t been getting the infrastructure to back up the extra workload. Our computers are outdated, our software isn’t up to par, we don’t have enough workstations, our chairs are ergonomically unsound to say the least … and, worst of all, they refuse to hire more admin staff to handle the workload. It’s not just the typists, either - one of the admins burst into tears at her desk the other week because she was so badly stressed and overloaded.

Thing with the typists, however, has been that one of them is … not up to par at all. He turns up late and leaves early, he never does his share of work, he passes stuff on to me when I’m already up to my eyes in typing and if you call him on his bullshit, he gets passive-aggressive in the extreme. I don’t know what he does all day, but it is not his job, I know that much. And of course, it’s frustrating in the extreme that while he gets away with murder because, and I quote, “He’s not bad for someone who used to work a call centre”, the minute I don’t type up enough reports (mostly because there weren’t enough reports to type), I get bollocked and told to do things that a) aren’t in my job description and b) I don’t really have the software to do effectively when I’m not literally killing myself with the typing.

This has been getting worse for months, and has been compounded by somewhat unreasonable demands on my time as well. I have a nearly two-hour commute each way, and I get phone calls asking me to come in early (10am, on an occasion or two) and/or leave late (which means ending at 11pm and not getting home ‘til 1am). And to compound it all, the jokes I get from my team lead are always to the effect of “You can’t go home! Ever! We’ll chain you to the chair!”. Plus my mother’s response to the whole thing is, “Well, that’s the way the world works; deal with it” without so much as a whiff of sympathy until I reassured her I wasn’t going to be quitting until I found a better job and told her to her face that she was being horribly insensitive.

So mostly I do two people’s full-day work in one five-hour shift after dragging my ass on a bus for two hours, drag myself on another two-hour trip home, sometimes remember to cook dinner but mostly scoff a packet of crisps or something, generally don’t sleep particularly well … and, to cap it all, for the last month I’ve had my stepfather coming around to go over the documentation concerning my bills (he says he is helping but mostly he just gives me shit for just being glad I can pay the damn things instead of nit-picking every detail) and bitch that I don’t clean the house well enough. Then spend my weekends asleep, for the most part, and do it all over again. This is why I have been quiet. Talking about that is not helpful, and there hasn’t been that much else. Well, TOR, but mostly that’s just been shooting the shit out of things to alleviate tension.

I am tired, grumpy, depressed, really fed up and looking, fruitlessly, for a new job. Until I can find a new permanent job, I am stuck with this. It doesn’t make me a scintillating conversationalist. Sorry!

Thess vs Tumblr Inbox

I literally have not even checked Tumblr in ages. It didn’t tell me how many messages I had in my inbox. I assumed I had none. But I went looking for an old Ask I was needing and … holy shit. I’m gonna have to deal with that.


I Yet Live

I am informed via email that people may have been a little concerned. Really sorry - work has been killing me by inches. I have a lot to update, ‘specially SOAW-side (there just has not been time because again, work. Killing me. Inches), but for the time being, suffice to say that I live. Sorry if I worried anybody, and I will get back to people, I swear.