Thess vs the World


Reg’s Mom on Ogres


I tend not to share the conversations where I coach my mom through battles, but I thought this was funny enough this time:

Mom: ogre
Reg: How many times have you died?
Mom: 7
Mom: n 8
Reg: What are you doing to it?
Mom: rushing
Mom: cutting
Reg: Stop that. Sneak in and do some backstabbing. Then hide again, do some more backstabbing. Switch to Anders and Cone of Cold some things and then Walking Bomb them.
Mom: complicated
Mom: will try
[ten minutes later]
Mom: ur advice is th worst
Reg: Maybe it’s your execution. You’ve killed ogres before.
Mom: mages
Reg: Maybe you shouldn’t have killed Nate.
Mom: mayb u dont need 2 eat 2nite

Reg: Maybe I can stop off at a burger joint on the way home and eat that, huh? And then I’ll never help you again.

Mom: u don help me neway.

Reg: …………………