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Self-Promotion EXTRAVAGANZA!

Most of us here are active in fandom. We write, we draw, we gif, we screencap, we mod, we liveblog, we create. We share the joy every way we know how. We also rain praise on the works of others - and it’s well-deserved, because there is so. Much. Awesome out there.

But we neglect our own awesome. Maybe it’s modesty, maybe it’s low self-esteem, maybe it’s just how we were raised, but so many of us are reluctant to put ourselves forward and admit that we are ridiculously awesome, as a certain attractive Antivan elf is wont to say. And we’re all proud of something, more so than any other. A fic, a drawing, a piece of dialogue, a liveblog post, a gif we made, a character we’ve shared with others … doesn’t matter what; there’s something we love.

So here’s my challenge to you all - show us what you’re proudest of. Stand up with that one thing you love the best. Fic, ficlet, dialogue snippet, essay, character, fanart, anything you’ve made that you love, show it. And tell us why. You love it; I want to love it too.

I’ll even start. I’m proudest of a ficlet I wrote as a prompt for @skiesovergideon - the last thoughts of a female mage Warden (Surana, in my case, but I never specified) before slaying the archdemon, without the Dark Ritual being performed. I liked the simplicity of it, the first-person narrative, the sense of wistful joy and somehow unregretful regret in it. I’ve written a lot of things I love, but that one, I think, touches me most.

Your turn!